Lucapa Recovers 113-carat White Diamond from Lulo with the onset of New Year.

ASX-listed Lucapa Diamond Company together with its Angolan partners Empresa Nacional de Diamantes E.P. (“Endiama”) and Rosas & Petalas, who own and operate the Lulo Diamond Mine in Angola, announced on January 4th, 2021 the recovery of the 17th, +100-carat white diamond from their Lulo alluvial mine, which is also the first large diamond to be recovered from the mine for the new year, 2021.

The diamond weighing 113 carats is the first gem-quality, +100-carat, white stone to be recovered from Mining Block 46, immediately downstream of the Canguige river.

113-carat white rough diamond recovered from Lulo Diamond Mine
113-carat white rough diamond recovered from Lulo Diamond Mine

According to the Company, the recovery of this diamond is of particular significance as it clearly shows that such large and high-value diamonds continue to occur right up to the current focus area of the Company’s kimberlite exploration program.

Lucapa Diamond Company states the recovery of this large diamond is a continuation of the strong performance of the Lulo mine in late 2020, one of the highest average US dollar-per-carat alluvial diamond mines in the world.

The recovery also bodes well for the future, as during the coming months of the wet season, the focus of mining shifts to the southern terrace mining blocks.

Apart from Lulo Diamond Mine in Angola, Lucapa also operates another large and high-value diamond producing mine in Lesotho, the Mothae Kimberlite Mine. Lucapa expects the Mothae Mine to increase its processing capacity from 1.1 million tonnes per annum to 1.6 million tonnes per annum in the year 2021.

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