Lecture by Guy Clutterbuck at the National Gem and jewellery Authority Auditorium

A lecture was delivered by Mr Guy Clutterbuck G.G (GIA)  at the auditorium of the National Gem and Jewellery Authority, Sri Lanka on August 17th 2009.

Mr Guy Clutterbuck Delivering his Lecture (Click to Enlarge)


The main focus of the lecture was Fair Trade and Ethics in the Luxury Goods Market and on the Gem Buying Experience in Africa.

A cross section of the audience that attended the lecture.


Guy Clutterbuck


Guy Clutterbuck is also well known as the Zambian gem hunter from England. He works for the Gem Hunters Corporation. Gem Hunters Corporation is a publicly owned company which is run by market experts, gem hunters and professional jewelers. Gem Hunters operates a Museuam/Store and a theatre in Honolulu, Hawaii. The purpose of the theatre is to allow gem hunters from other countries to come and lecture about their country and experiences.

Guy Clutterbuck has over 20 years of experience in buying rough and cut gemstones in Africa and Asia. Countries frequently visited by Guy Clutterbuck include Madagascar, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afganistan, Myanmar and Thailand. Guy has also been a guide to gem related dangerous and remote areas for famous media personalities like Jon Simpson.

Mr Ajith Perera, Acting Deputy General Delivering the Vote of Thanks.acting-deputy-director-general-ngja-delivering-the-vote-of-thanks

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