J. C. Penny To Unveil Cindy Crawford Jewelry Line

cindy-crawford-designed-jewelry-one-kiss-j-c-pennySupermodel Cindy Crawford

J. C. Penny Company inc. has announced that the well known supermodel Cindy Crawford is to launch a new fine jewelry brand exclusively with J. C. Penny.

The One Kiss collection by Cindy Crawford will launch 45 pieces of rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. The pieces which will be made from sterling silver, will be gold-plated. Some of the pieces will be set with lemon quartz, diamonds, smoky quartz, rhodolite garnets and deep purple iolite.

The fine jewelry will be priced from $79 to $299 and will be sold exclusively at  J. C. Penny beginning in April.

J. C. Penny plans to promote the new jewellery for the mothers day. The jewelry industry is among the hardest hit industry by the economic recession. Penny is hoping that the new affordable  line of jewelry will be an excellent alternative to customers.

J. C. Penny is among the top retailers of America. It operates 1101 department stores in the United States and Puerto Rico. It also operates one of the largest and popular shopping website on the internet.

Previously Crawford had also worked with Kay Jewelers and Omega watches.

cindy-crawford-designed-furniture-in-j-c-pennyCindy Crawford Designed Furniture

Image credit: J. C. Penny

In April last year, J. C. Penny announced that it is going to launch a new brand of home furnishings and accessories with Cindy Crawford. The new brand of home furnishings named Cindy Crawford Style was successfully launched in September 2009. According to Ken Hicks, the president and chief merchandising officer for J. C. Penney, the furniture line is affordable high quality and stylish. Due to the global recession J C Penny has been targeting  affordability and quality.

Cindy Crawford style include bedding’s, bath, table top, window coverings, decorative accessories, watt decor and lighting.

Jeff Allison the executive vice president of  home- at J.C. Penny said “As one of the most recognized women in the world, Cindy’s roles as wife, mom and businesswoman bring an understanding to what J. C. Penney customers’ lives are like and what they desire in a home: a sensible, approachable style that allows them to live comfortably and easily entertain friends and family,”

According to the official website of Cindy Crawford, she has been having a fantastic experience creating the furniture brand and accessories with J. C. Penny, reflecting her years of experience in the fashion industry. She also notes that most of the brands she has created with J. C. Penny are affordable.

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  1. PierreLavoisier says:

    When I hear the word exclusive, I think about super prices that normal people can't afford. I think that jewelry lines should think more about normal people than creating exclusive lines…
    yellow diamond

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