IDI’s “Find Your Diamond” Software to be Installed at JCK Las Vegas 2015

The Israeli Diamond Industry will once again be among the largest international exhibitor groups, at the forthcoming JCK Las Vegas Show taking place from May 29 to June 1, 2015, at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. According to the Israeli Diamond Institute (IDI) nearly a hundred Israeli diamond companies will be participating in this year’s show, with 46 exhibiting companies being accommodated in the Isreal Diamond Pavilion and an additional 50 Israeli diamond companies exhibiting at other locations throughout the show.

DI Chairman Moti Ganz
IDI Chairman Moti Ganz

Following the success of IDI’s groundbreaking “Find Your Diamond” search system, first launched at the Hong Kong International Jewelry Show in March 2014 and again used for the second consecutive year at the same show in March 2015, IDI is planning to instal an expanded system covering the entire show. The “Find Your Diamond” proprietary system enables buyers to search the inventory of all Israeli exhibitors at the show, at the click of a mouse and was developed by IDI software engineers, especially for use at trade shows. The software of the “Find Your Diamond” search system has now been revised and improved to meet the precise needs of both buyers and exhibitors.

The IDI has mapped and listed Israeli diamond companies taking part in the show, into the “Find Your Diamond” software, which is then installed on every computer in the Israeli pavilion at the show and other strategic places in the show. The Find Your Diamond software helps buyers to search the inventory of all Israeli exhibitors at the show, to find the diamonds they are seeking, saving valuable time and unnecessary hassle. At a simple click of the mouse, visitors are able to exit the IDI booth with a list of products and a map directing them to the relevant exhibitor. At the JCK Las Vegas Show, IDI is planning to instal “Find Your Diamond” Stations at three strategic locations; the first in the “First Look” area at the entrance to the show; the second in the heart of the Diamond Plaza in the Israel Diamond Pavilion at booth B5653; and the third in the IDI-sponsored Diamond Plaza Lounge.

Commenting on the use of the system at the show, Managing Director of IDI Eli Avidar said, “The Find Your Diamond system, which we have strategically placed at the show entrance and the Diamond Plaza, gives us a tremendous advantage. While the software is user-friendly we’ve staffed each terminal to ensure that buyers get the best results.”

The JCK Las Vegas Show is of great significance to the Israeli diamond industry, as it provides a great opportunity to showcase Israeli polished diamonds to the US buyers, in the context that the U.S. is Israel’s leading market for polished diamonds and given the fact that last year close to 40% of Israel’s net polished diamond exports of $6.3 billion, working out to $2.4 billion, went to the American market. Israel is also the largest supplier of polished diamonds to the United States.

IDI Chairman Moti Ganz said, “We’re optimistic about the JCK Las Vegas show this year. The good news is that the U.S. market is doing well and the demand for diamonds is growing. The United States is our largest market for polished diamonds. We supply almost half of all diamonds sold there and we are working hard to maintain that position”, he said.

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