First Diamond Boiling Facility In The Middle East

The Dubai Diamond Exchange (DDE) has set up a state of the art diamond boiling facility in the Almas Tower.

Boiling of diamonds removes dirt and other trace materials from rough and polished gemstones. Boiling is very useful especially when large quantities of diamonds have to be cleaned.

The Executive Chairman of the DMCC, Ahmed Bin Sulayem said “We are happy to offer this new service to our members and we are confident that this will further strengthen the diamond trade in Dubai.

Apart from the diamond and jewellery trading companies the Almas tower also hosts some organizations involved in the diamond trade so as to make trading easier for the companies and merchants. Some of these organizations include the Antwerp Diamond Bank, Brinks Company, the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme and Customs of Dubai.

According to Peter Meeus, the chairman of the Board of Directors of the Dubai Diamond Exchange said that the effort of the DMCC in making Dubai as the leading diamond trading center in the Middle East has been successful.There has been demand for a boiling facility in Dubai for a very long time.

The staff employed at the Dubai Diamond Boiling Facility have over 30 years of experience in the field, many of them have also worked with the biggest rough trading diamond companies in the world.

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