Facilities Offered by the National Gem and Jewellery Authority

In order to simplify the export procedure the National Gem and Jewellery Authority (NGJA)has introduced a new scheme ,and all functions connected with exports are centralized at the NGJA Colombo office.The NGJA levies a 0.70% services fee on exports. Income earned through Gem Exports and and local sales on foreign currency are exempted from income tax.

The NGJA offers export facilities at the export centre -Air Cargo Village Bandaranayake International Airport at Katunayake ,round the clock.

The government in its market liberalization programme has introduced the following concessions to the gem and jewellery industry :

1)Duty free import of

a) Pearls ,rough gems, cut and polished gems, diamonds, synthetic gems and diamond powder.

b)Gold (all forms) and Silver (all forms).

2)Concessionary Duty Rates on tools machinery and equipment used in the gem and jewellery industry.

3) VAT Exemption:

For supply and import of:

a)Pearls, diamonds,precious and sem-precious stones.

b)Precious metal or metals clad with precious metals and gold coins.

The above concessions have helped the industry to a great extent and “The Sri Lanka Pavillions” organized by the NGJA in foreign trade fairs/exhibitions and other promortional programmes have contributed to popularize Sri Lankan gems in foreign countries.

Facilities offered free of charge:

The following services are provided by the export promotion division of the ‘NGJA’

a) Sponsorship and organization of the “Sri Lanka Pavillion” at selected foreign trade fairs and exhibitions.

b)Co-ordinating the participants pre-fair activities.

c)Advice on product suitability ,pricing and presentation to the target market.

d)Assistance in visa formalities ,Insurance, Air fares and to obtain ATA carnet facilities.

e)Advice on export documentation.

f)Advice on product and market development in target markets

g)Assiatance to establish business connection and secure orders.

h)Promotion of joint ventures.

i) Assistance to import raw material ,tools, machinery and equipment on a concessionary duty basis.

j)Provision of service fee waivers for registered participants at recognized trade fairs and exhibitions.

k)Co-ordination of activities with regard to fact finding missions organized by the ‘NGJA’

l)Facilitation of visiting government/private sector delegations on their official /business missions.

m)Job placement service.

n)Gem and Jewellery industry related information through the authority website www. srilankagemautho .com

o)Buyer seller meeting room at the Sri Lanka gem and jewellery exchange (SLGJE) World Trade Center Colombo and Ratnapura. These are mainly for foreign buyers.

p)Management of the Sri Lanka gem and jewellery exchange -The state sponsered gem and jewellery gallery in Sri Lanka.

Industry Facilitation:

Services available on payment

1)Gem testing reports

2)Brief opinion on the authenticity of gems

3)Valuation of gems for banks.

4)Assaying and Hallmarking of jewellery

5)Jewellery valuation reports for migrants.

Kimberly process certification scheme(KPCS):

Under the “Kimberly process agreement” (KPA), diamond mining ,processing and trading countries agreed to establish legislation to eliminate trade in “conflict diamonds” (Diamonds that originate in areas controlled by forces fighting the legitimate and internationally recognized government of the relevant country.

Sri Lanka became the 30th country to sign the ‘KPCS’ to enable Sri Lankans to legitimately import and export diamonds.The above scheme was put into operation with effect from the 1st of january 2003.The government of Sri Lanka has nominated the National Gem and Jewellery Authority as the official body for implementing and certification under the “KPCS”.

The total number of participants in the KPCS now stands at 49 representing 75 countries.

List of Participants, KPCS









Central African Republic

China, Peoples’ Republic of

Congo, Democratic Republic of

Cote d’ Ivorie


European Community







Korea, Republic Of








Russian Federation


Sierra Leone

South Africa

Sri Lanka






United Arab Emirates

United States of America




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