Diamond Bling Now Popular In India

Diamond studded accessories are becoming popular in the Indian diamond city of Surat.

With the grip of the recession loosening leading to prosperity, they want everything in their life to glitter like diamonds.

According to the commodity online and the Times of India, you can get diamond studded pen drives, crockery, leather belts, cell phones, shoes and even diamond studded dog collars.

Surat is the world’s largest diamond cutting, polishing and crafting center in the world. Most centers in Surat have also employed designers and stone setters to fix gemstones on accessories. The art of setting gemstones and diamonds on accessories requires a lot of precision and finish.

A diamond studded cell phone with about 200 small diamonds could cost about Rs 400,000. A high quality diamond studded leather belt could cost around Rs 200,000. Diamond studded shoes could cost around Rs 200,000

People also want to encrust their dinner sets and tea cups with tiny pink and white diamonds.

Training institutes have also started focusing on diamond studded accessories.

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