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Universal News (UN): General, thank you very much for your time, it is a great pleasure and great privilege for us to be here today. There is a clear visionfor the future of the country in the Mahinda Chintanaya. His Excellency the President has outlined the framework in the development framework which goes back to […]

Presentation by Vincent Pardieu, Supervisor, Field Gemology at the GIA Laboratory, Bangkok, Thailand, on April 7, 2011 at the NGJA headquarters, Colombo, Sri Lanka

The National Gem & Jewelry Authority (NGJA) of Sri Lanka, in keeping with its policy of organizing informative and educative presentations by renowned specialists, on various fields of the gem and jewelry industry and trade, recently invited a world renowned authority on Field Gemology, Mr. Vincent Pardieu, of the GIA Laboratory, Bangkok, Thailand, to deliver […]

Sangems & Jewellery receive International Star for Leadership in Quality Award

M/s Sangems & Jewellery of Sri Lanka received international recognition in Paris in April 2011, when the company successfully won the “International Star for Leadership in Quality Award ,”  for outstanding business achievements, perseverance and leadership, in excellence and quality in accordance with the  QC 100 Criteria. The awards ceremony is an annual event organized […]

Participation of NGJA at the “Ayurveda Expo 2011”

The  “Ayurveda Expo 2011” was held at the exhibition hall of  the Bandaranaike International Conference Hall  between the 15th and 17th July 2011. The National Gem  &  Jewelry Authority  of Sri  Lanka  also had its own pavilion at this annual popular event.  The participation of the NGJA in this event  while helping  to popularize the […]

The Sri Lankan Gem & Jewelry Industry – A Bright Future

The Sri Lankan Gem & Jewellery Industry – A Bright Future By Ajith Perera – F.G.A Actg. Director General, National Gem & Jewelry Authority – Sri Lanka From time immemorial, Sri Lanka has had a sparkling reputation for highly treasured gems.  Sri Lanka’s mineral rich soils have been yielding more than 70 varieties and sub […]

Sri Lankan connection with the Royal Wedding of April 29, 2011

Sri Lanka , the  tiny  island nation  at the tip of  the Indian sub-continent ,  popularly known as  the “Pearl of the East” and famous for its pearls and colored gemstones since  time immemorial, is once again in the news of the international  gem   and jewelry trade, after  the November  2010,  announcement  of the  engagement […]

Presentation Organized by NGJA

A presentation organized by the NGJA, titled “A special Jewellery collection for acupressure points”  was held on the 19th  August 2010. Here are the photo highlights of the presentation. The resource person for the presentation was Ms. Madurika Menikpura  (B.Des. (Hons.) Jewellery Sp.) (Dip.In Mkt.) (Dip.In B.Mgt.) Designer (Deepthi Jewellery – Sri Lanka Gem & […]

National Gem Authority Protects Mr Punsiri Tennekoon, A Responsible Member

The National Gem and Jewellery Authority has intervened to protect one of its honest and highly regarded members Mr Punsiri Tennekoon. To                   : Mr. Ted Themelis, Author of ‘The Heat Treatment of ruby & Sapphire’ – 02nd Edition From              : Ajith Perera, Deputy Director General, National Gem & Jewellery Authority. Subject          : Distortion of facts with regard […]

Gem & Jewelry News August 2010

Highlights of the presentation organized by the National Gem and Jewellery Authority The NGJA organized the lecture titled ” Value addition of Sri lankan Gemstones through Irradiation” on the 27th  of July 2010. The lecture was delivered by Mr P. R. K. Fernando (Bsc. Chemistry, Msc Chemistry, University of Peradeniya). The venue of the lecture […]

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