AGS Laboratories Open Take-in Window for New York’s Diamond District

The American Gem Society (AGS) Laboratories, based in Las Vegas, Nevada, whose Diamond-grading reports enjoy universal acceptance, is due to open its first-ever New York Diamond District take-in window, on March 12, 2014, at the Brinks offices, located at 580, 5th Ave, Suite 400 in Manhattan. This is in response to numerous requests from AGS clients from New York’s Diamond District, the hub of the diamond trade in the United States. The take-in window will be operated by Brinks on behalf of the AGS.

AGS Gemological Laboratories Logo
AGS Gemological Laboratories Logo

The AGS Labs and the New York Diamond Dealers Club (DDC) have formed a special partnership to celebrate the Launch, and beginning from March 13, 2014, AGS Labs will offer free shipping for 60 days to DDC members.
The AGS Laboratories offers turnaround time on grading results in five to seven business days to all its clients. The turnaround time in business days is calculated from the date the AGS Laboratories receives the item, to the date results are made available to the client.
The DDC has made arrangements to host a reception on March 12, 2014, at 1.30 pm, to commemorate the launch. Among the top officials of the AGS Laboratories who will be in attendance on this occasion, for a presentation on AGS Laboratories and to meet members of the DDC, are Peter Yantzer, CG, the executive director of the AGS Laboratories, and Ash Shah, CGA, the director of membership at the AGS. Representatives from Brinks will also be in attendance to answer questions.
Commenting on the proposed opening of the Take-in Window, Ruth Batson, the CEO of the AGS and AGS Laboratories, said, “We’ve had requests from our clients to open a take-in window in New York. With the shortest turnaround time of any of the major laboratories, along with the name recognition of the American Gem Society and grading reports that provide consistency and accuracy based on science, our laboratory services are in high demand. The partnership with the DDC is very synergistic. Both organizations are focused on the betterment of the diamond industry.”
DDC’s president, Reuven Kaufman, said, ”We appreciate the investment that AGS is making in the New York diamond community and our members. The expansion of their services in New York is a testament to the strength of our market and the central role that our members play in the diamond trade.”
To contact the AGS Labs take-in window, call AGS Labs at 800.250.2600 or Brinks at 212.704.5262

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