A boost for the gem and jewellery import & export activities

Deshabandu M.Macky Hashim, Chairman Sri Lanka Gem and Jewellery Association (SLGJA) commends Dr.Neville Goonawardena, Director General of Customs and Prasad Galhena Chairman & CEO of National Gem and Jewellery Authority (NGJA) for the proactive decisions taken to facilitate the Gem and Jewellery Importers and Exporters.  At a meeting arranged by ‘NGJA’ at the request of the ‘SLGJA’; convened by the Sri Lanka Customs on 31st May 2012 the following decisions were taken.

(a)    To have a specially designated Customs office to process gem and jewellery import consignments at the Arrival area of the Bandaranaike International Airport.
(b)    To implement a speedy process of handing over the gem and jewellery import parcels after Customs formalities placed in a secured pouch to the importer, to bring them within
03 working days to Customs Unit at ‘NGJA’ Colombo Office for inspection & release.
(c)    To  allow the above clearance procedure to those dealers who obtain foreign exchange as per 2012 Budget Proposals to procure gems from other producing countries.

The  country’s gem and jewellery industry will receive a shot in the arm by these decisions, which would substantially slash the time taken to clear import parcels; with   the resultant advantages to industry stake holders who operate on time constraints.  The major outcome of these decisions will be to increase the global competitiveness of our gem and jewellery industry with a resultant increase in foreign exchange earnings and the generation of new job opportunities.

Gem, Diamond & Jewellery  Exports at a glance

YearExport Value  USD Mn.Year on year variance
2010400.552.07 %
2011520.1229.85 %
2012 up to April183.05 


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