26 Arrested In Connection With Harry Winston Robbery

26 arrests were made in France in connection with the multimillion dollar Harry Winston Jewelry robbery that took place on December 2008.

Police also recovered stolen rings, watches and necklaces and 250,000 euros in cash. Investigators were monitoring the suspects for many months. The investigators learnt that some foreign nationals were due to arrive to collect the stolen jewels. The police made the arrests on Sunday afternoon and Monday morning.

The robbery which was carried out on December 5th 2008 was one of France’s largest jewelry thefts and one of the worlds biggest jewel heists. US$ 118 million worth of jewelry was robbed. Some of the robbers were dressed as women wearing wigs. The store was almost emptied by the robbers who also emptied two backdoor stage cases.

The store which is on the same street with Dior, Armani, Prada etc has been targeted by thieves on several occasions.

The police said that the members of the Pink Panther gang have been ruled out as suspects in this robbery.In October 2007 armed robbers made off with jewels worth more than 10 million euros.

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