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List of famous Sri Lankan blue sapphires greater than 100 carats in weight arranged in descending order of carat weights


NameCarat WeightOriginCut/shape


1Star of India563.35Sri lankaround-cabochon StarAMNH-New York City
2Blue Giant of the Orient486.52S. L.cushionunknown
3Queen Marie of Rumania478.68S. L.

drop-shape cushion

4Logan Sapphire423.00S. L.rectangular-cushionNMNH-Smithsonian
5Blue Belle of Asia400.00S. L.unknownunknown
6Unnamed- Gem Authority, Sri Lanka393.00S. L.cabochon starNational Gem & Jewelry Authority, S. L.
7Unnamed337.66S. L.unknownSheik Ahmad Hassan Fitaihi
8Star of Artaban316.00S. L.cabochon starNMNH-Smithsonian
9Empress Maria’s Sapphire260.37S. L.oval -cushionState Diamond Fund, Moscow
10Star of Lanka193.39S. L.oval-cabochon starRoyal Ontario Museum, Toronto
11J. P. Morgan Sapphire-1188.00S. L.unknownAMNH-New York City
12Star of Bombay182.00S. L.oval-cabochon starNMNH-Smithsonian
13J. P. Morgan Sapphire-2158.72S. L.unknownAMNH-New York City
14J. P. Morgan Sapphire-3154.00S. L.unknownAMNH-New York City
15Midnight Star Sapphire116.75S. L.round-cabochon starAMNH-New York City
16Star of Ceylon101.01S. L.oval-cabochon starunknown
17Bismarck SapphireunknownS. L.cushionNMNH-Smithsonian

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