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Please search our knowledgebase & Support topics using search box (above left) before contacting us.
That would make life easy for everyone.There is also a list of FAQ’s below.


The Ticket Support System is only for issues relating to our Marketplace. For all other issues please see our contact us page


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[FW_accordion heading=”Frequently asked questions” title=”Unable to Login” first=”true”]Please note that you would have to create a user account for each subdomain. For example the user login data for our news.internetstones.com is different from support.internetstones.com. In other words you would have to create a user for each subdomain. [/FW_accordion][FW_accordion title=”Do you deal in gemstones, jewelry & handicrafts?”]No we do not deal directly. Internetstones.COM Marketplace is a state of the art marketplace website where thousands of sellers have listed thousands of products. Both wholesale & retail. [/FW_accordion][FW_accordion title=”Is it free to list my products/open a store?” last=”true”]Yes! it is free to become a seller and it is also absolutely free to list unlimited products for genuiene sellers. We do have a background screening process for all sellers, to keep out fraudsters.Unlike other marketplaces there are no monthly charges or hidden charges. However we take a commission of 20% once a product is sold. [/FW_accordion]
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Unique & modern
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Responsive Design
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Simple and user-friendly
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Great support
[/FW_img][/FW_section][FW_section id=”testimonial”][FW_section_title title=”WHAT PEOPLE SAY?”][FW_testimonial author=”Dharshana” company=”Wholeseller Sri Lanka” ]Thanks to Internetstones.COM Marketplace I was able to sell certified gemstones directly to buyers all over the world.[/FW_testimonial][FW_testimonial author=”Adam” company=”Buyer USA” ]I was able to buy a gorgeous 2 carat blue sapphire ring with genuine certificate for half the price offered in gemstores here in the USA .[/FW_testimonial][FW_testimonial author=”John” company=”Wholesale USA” ]The best quality handicrafts and gemstone jewelry from thousands of sellers. I was able to purchase items wholesale & sell them on my retail store[/FW_testimonial] [/FW_section]