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Human Rights Abuse By The Zimbabwe Military In The Diamond Fields

The head of the investigating team from the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme which monitors blood diamonds, Mr Kpandel Fayia has accused the Zimbabwe military for gross human rights violations. According to the financial gazette Zimbabwe, an interim report accused the government as well as the military for the violations. The team also said that the […]

Venezuela To Develop Diamond and Gold Mining

Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez is seeking for loans to develop the diamond and gold mining sectors. The repayment of the loans will be partially paid with the minerals produced from these mines.However the president did not specify the amount needed. Because of the policy of nationalization of the mining and oil industry of Venezuela, investors […]

Cameroon To Start Diamond Mine In 2010

Cameroon is expected to start mining diamonds next year. Oscar Matip, the Director of Mines and Geology at the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Technological Development told reporters on the 25th that “mining could begin a year from now. The  deposits were discovered in the Mobilong area in south-eastern Cameroon. The deposits are close to […]

Zimbabwe Denies Killings In Diamond Fields

Since October last year there has been reports of widespread killing by the military in the eastern Marange diamond fields of Zimbabwe. Murisi Zwizwai the deputy mining minister of Zimbabwe denied the killings in the Marange diamond fields late last year. The denial was made during a meeting of the Kimberely Process in Namibia. He […]

43 Pink Diamonds in the Argyle Pink Diamond Tender

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Argyle mines, Rio Tinto’s 2009 Argyle Pink Diamond Tender is offering 43 pink diamonds of exceptional quality. The tender also includes 4 heart shaped pink diamonds. The tender titled grand passions is said to comprise of 43 of the rarest pink diamonds  from the Argyle Diamond Mine. Presently […]

Conflict Diamonds Conference to Review Progress

At Windhoek, Namibia over 200 delegates are meeting from Tuesday to review efforts in preventing diamonds from funding armed conflicts in developing countries. The three day long meeting will be hosted by Namibia, which is currently heading the Kimberley Process. The main aim of the meeting will be to further control the illegal diamond trade […]

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